Chasing the Stargazer, Benito's Gambit and Only the Dead
Ronald R. Koegler

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I'm Ronald R. Koegler, author of Chasing the Stargazer: With Help from Luigi Pirandello, Nucky Johnson, and Thomas Wolfe.

Introducing my NEW BOOK Only the Dead
(a sequel to Benito's Gambit)

About the Author

Psychiatrist Ronald R. Koegler spent summers as a lifeguard in his native Atlantic City while attending Stanford University and Temple Medical School. He lives in Santa Barbara, has written or edited five books and over fifty articles, studies karate, and once discussed guns with Elvis Presley.



About, Chasing the Stargazer: With Help from Luigi Pirandello, Nucky Johnson, and Thomas Wolfe

Memories of lifeguard days and of political boss Nucky Johnson get psychiatrist Don Carter 

City. Plagued by guilt over an arrest he made of a "stargazer" under the Boardwalk three decades earlier, Don returns to his hometown and finds a wasteland of empty lots and gaudy casinos. Gone is the vitality of former times, when Nucky and then Hap Farley ran the show. As Don emotionally puts it, "The town has turned to shit!"thinking about his youth in Atlantic 

What he doesn't know is that the "stargazer" he arrested so long ago 

Soon Don is swept up in a criminal world he does not understand. Complicating the situation is his infatuation is waiting for him.

with Laura, an old flame. In desperation, he turns to a man he has deliberately avoided for years—Benito Desimone, his wife's uncle and a leader of the Philadelphia Mafia.

Benito shares Don's love for Pirandello and uses the Sicilian author to try to bring him to his senses about Laura.

When Benito makes Don an offer he "can't refuse," Don has to decide whether to join forces with him. This psychological thriller reaches its dramatic climax in the mountains of North Carolina.

Recorded October 26, 2011 — Playing Time: 27:29